Just a spoonful of sugar helps the CBD go down — and maybe a bit of gelatin. That’s right: gummies make everything better, especially when full of juicy natural flavors and a nice dose of CBD. But how do CBD gummies compare to straight CBD oil? Which one is stronger, faster, and better?

It’s all about Personal Preference

Ultimately, the CBD oil vs gummies debate boils down to personal preference. Some people prefer the consistency and flavor of gummies, while others prefer the versatility and speed of oil. It all depends on what you’re looking for in CBD products.
But that’s a boring answer. What if you haven’t tried CBD and don’t know which will be better? Consider the following factors for picking the cbd.

  • CBD Oil vs Gummies: Flavor
  • CBD Oil vs Gummies: Usability
  • CBD Oil vs Gummies: Speed
  • CBD Oil vs Gummies: Strength
  • CBD Oil vs Gummies: Longevity
  • CBD Oil vs Gummies: High
  • CBD Oil vs Gummies: Quality

CBD Oil vs Gummies: Flavor

You’d think flavor would go to the candy, but it really depends.
CBD gummies are delicious, and most gummy fans prefer them for the flavor. But CBD oil can have flavor, too. RubiCBD sells all-organic flavors such as lemon, mint, vanilla, and orange. They’re just as delicious as the raspberry and mixed fruit CBD gummies. The better flavor is hard to decide, and it really depends on what you like.

CBD Oil vs Gummies: Usability

Usability is the most debatable factor in the CBD gummies vs oil debate. The winner depends on how you define “usability.”
On one hand, CBD gummies are easiest to use. You eat an appropriate serving of gummies and wait — that’s it. While CBD oil isn’t hard to use, you have to measure the dose (even if it’s just a drop of tincture). CBD gummies are easier to use.
But not everyone wants ease. Some people prefer control. Gummies have to be eaten or sucked on, but CBD oil can be consumed in a huge variety of ways. More importantly, the user controls the dose. If they want more CBD, they can have more CBD without the extra sugar.
Whether control or ease is more important isn’t an answerable question. It comes down to what the individual wants.

CBD Oil vs Gummies: Speed

CBD oil takes effect the fastest, but it depends how you use it. If you inhale the CBD oil through a vaporizer, it should take effect in less than 10 minutes, even instantly. If instead you put a serving under the tongue, it can take about half an hour, depending on your size, weight, metabolism, dose, and many other factors.
CBD gummies take a bit longer to kick in. Since they have to go through the digestive system, they usually take two or more hours. Sometimes, this delay is desirable, especially if you take CBD regularly. But other people may prefer a faster option.
However, speed has a tradeoff. If your body absorbs a lot of CBD at once, it goes away faster. Vaping CBD oil may be fast, but the effects don’t last long. On the other hand, CBD gummies last for several hours. Speed sacrifices longevity, and vice versa.

CBD Oil vs Gummies: Strength

Strength depends on how much CBD enters the blood stream. This has less to do with the medium and more to do with how you’re consuming it.

The least absorption happens when you swallow CBD. When eating gummies or swallowing CBD oil, no more than 20% can be used (usually less). That’s because CBD breaks down in the digestive system. To get more CBD out of those gummies, chew and suck them for a long time (CBD lollipops are stronger because they absorb through the tongue and cheek, not the gut).

When you put CBD oil under your tongue, your body can use at most 35% of it. This is a significant improvement from 20%, and the range is a lot more consistent. It cuts out the digestive system, so fewer factors can break down the CBD before it enters your blood.

Of course, Vaping CBD oil is the strongest option. It makes as much as 46% available for the body.
However, strength isn’t everything. Vaping CBD is fast and strong, but super short lasting. Eating gummies is slow and subtle, but super long lasting.

CBD Oil vs Gummies: Longevity

We’ve already talked about how long it lasts, so let’s keep this brief. The effects of vaping CBD only last a couple hours, while the effects of CBD oil under the tongue last two to six hours. CBD gummies last the longest: anywhere from six to eight hours.

Though the effects last hours, CBD stays in your system for days. CBD won’t show up on most drug tests, since most tests only look for THC. However, some CBD products have enough THC to show up on a drug test. Cheap CBD products are often mislabeled or poorly-made with an accidental THC content. Make sure all CBD you consume has been third-party tested so you know what’s in it.

CBD Oil vs Gummies: High

THC is the chemical in cannabis that makes you high, not CBD. In the United States, CBD products must have less than 0.3% THC. This means the CBD is often made from hemp instead of cannabis. It won’t get you high, but it’s CBD alright, whether in oil or gummies.

CBD does not get you high, but has many health benefits. In addition to the FDA-approved use in seizure medication, CBD may have applications in anxiety, depression, inflammation, and more.

CBD Oil vs Gummies: Quality

The quality of the CBD should be about the same. Quality depends on the brand, not the medium. For instance, one study found that of the CBD tested, a significant amount had incorrect CBD labeling (some had no CBD at all). Even worse, more than half contained THC > 1% and 15% contained byproducts of poor manufacturing. It doesn’t matter if you buy gummies or oil if you’re buying CBD from those vendors.
Instead, get your CBD gummies and oil from a trusted brand. Rubi CBD sells only organic third-party-tested CBD products, including gummies, oil, and more. Our mixed fruit CBD gummies and lemon CBD oil are most popular! Give them a try today.

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